15 May 2017

Teacher Appreciation 2017

I work at the best school ever and we are spoiled during Teacher Appreciation Week. Here's a recap:

The Friday before was Pay Day and my principals always perform a "Pay Day Song"

We each received a golden ticket to have lunch provided each day during Teacher Appreciation Week.

We were greeted by Willy Wonka (my princiapl) and an oompa loompa (assistant principal) as we entered the school the following week. 

Here was our crazy Willy Wonka Schedule for the week:

The Super Secret Staff Adventure reveal was terrific. Our principal rented the entire skating rink for us to skate and play laser tag!

During "Violent" Violet we popped balloons with scissors and found prizes on the inside. I won jeans for the rest of the school year! 

As the Media Specialist, you really don't get the Teacher Appreciation gifts from students compared to a classroom teacher, but I truly enjoyed some sweet letters and a homemade gift. 

Overall, I feel extremely appreciated!