10 September 2016

Five for Friday 9/9/16

Check out my Five For Friday for the week. I sure do love linking up with DoodleBugs Teaching!

I guess I should start calling these Five for Saturday, because I rarely post them on a Friday. 
Here are some weekly cat pics that will make you smile. 

International Literacy Day
I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, the art teacher was the Big Bad Wolf and the P.E. coach was my Granny. The kids loved it!

Book Fair
Anything that could go wrong during my very first book fair went wrong. The truck that the books were being delivered on broke down. They ended up arrived at 7:15 am on Grandparent's Day and Grandparents started coming to shop at 8:30. The amazing media specialist that retired last year and I am now working in her place came to help and we got it done. She is a rock star at setting up the book fair and answered about a million questions I had during the it all. There were also so many grandparents shopping that the line wrapped out of the media center and down the hall. 
 That was just the first thing that happened, then the AC started to make this loud crazy noises during the book fair. Maintenance came out at about 12 to work on it and now the AC doesn't work in half the media center until a part comes back. 
Then a light fell from the ceiling and starting smoking! Yes, real smoke! Evidently, we had some kind of electrical issue, but again the maintenance guys came to the rescue and resolved that issue. 
Basically, I feel that I have been properly introduced into the madness of having a book fair and may be invincible now.

Here's the Photo Booth area our amazing parent volunteers added.

When is the last time you were literally patted on the back?

Last week I introduced students to Caine and his arcade he made from cardboard. Now we watched the follow up video and joined the movement. We are going to participate in the Global Cardboard Challenge!

I am late to the game on this, but I made my own bitmoji! It's way too fun!

We are working on improving the outside of our new home! We are adding a fire pit and outside rock patio. 
Here is the before photo and materials.

The after photo is coming soon....

Thanks for joining me for my randomness from the week!

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