03 September 2016

Five for Friday- 9/2/16

Check out my Five For Friday for the week. I sure do love linking up with DoodleBugs Teaching!

My principal and AP performed a song for Pay Day this week as George Jefferson and Weezie!

I turned some bookshelves into Technology Booths/Nooks in the media center. The stools are wobble chairs. I found them on amazon HERE.

Some new books came in to add to our collection from Scholastic and Follett. I love how the Follett books come with the call numbers already on the books. 

Podcasts and Makerspaces
I plan to start centers when students come to the media center during specials, but first we are learning what these centers are and what is expected at each one. 
I introduced the idea of creating a podcast book review during this time. I have a script that students can fill out for the book they are reviewing and then they will use garageband app to add music and record their book review.
We listened to examples from this website:

We also discussed what MakerSpace is and how I expect students to create something at this center. For inspiration we watched this 9 year old create an entire arcade from cardboard. It was so sweet watching student reactions to this video and how they were routing for Caine and now want to start creating!

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I am loving these glasses and they are extremely reasonably priced. I actually bought two new pair, because the price was so great. Also, you get to type your prescription in on the site instead of having to upload an image or send the prescription to them. My glasses came 7 days after I ordered. 

Getting ready for my first Book Fair! Can you tell it is Pirate themed?

Thanks for joining me for my randomness from the week!


  1. You've been busy! Can't wait to see more pictures of your pirate-themed book fair!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. You have such great ideas for the media room! Your students are lucky to have you.