22 April 2016

Five For Friday- 4/22/16

Check out my Five For Friday for the week. I sure do love linking up with DoodleBugs Teaching!

Thank goodness we are getting a raise in my county!

So, if you've not heard MYon.com is allowing students in Georgia (I'm not sure about other states) to read ebooks for free for the summer on their site and the summer dates start now!

I showed my students how to long on and read the ebooks. The narrators are amazing. They do not sound like robots at all, or students can turn the narration off and read the books themselves.

See more information about this HERE

My WWE fans were excited when they found an ebook about John Cena!


Make base ten blocks using sponges! This is a great solution for noisy blocks or even to create some to send home for students to use or suggest this idea to parents for them to create their own to use at home. 

Have you heard the term "To kill two birds with one stone"? Well, I totally did it today. We make an Earth Day craft by drawing the Earth on a coffee filter with marker and then spraying it with a water bottle. We then used those same Earths to make our Mother's Day gifts! 

We used storybird.com to publish our writing from the week of our own version of the Three Little Pigs. I had students work with a partner and this was really interesting, because I usually have students work individually for writing.

Funny things you find yourself saying or students saying. I've decided to start posting these on instagram as I reflect on my day for fun. My instagram name is casedillacrumbsclassroom

Anyone else have something funny to share?

I cannot figure out if this student was being nice by wanting to buy me something or being mean...

Thanks for joining me for my randomness from the week!


  1. The things they say to just too funny! I've shared several #mouthofbabes posts this week. It's part of the reason I love working with littles! Have a great weekend.

    1. These student comments are definitely part of the perk of teaching!

  2. I'll have to see if they are doing that with MyOn in Florida! You're right, the narration is really good...they really make some of the books come alive!

  3. The Earth Day/Mothers Day craft was a fabulous idea!!! Love when you can get two products from one activity.
    Sunshine, Sand and Scissors

  4. LOVE the sponge base ten blocks idea! Just when the cubes/sticks are getting boring, here is another way to spice it up. Thanks. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom