01 April 2016

Five For Friday- 4/1/16

Check out my Five For Friday for the week. I sure do love linking up with DoodleBugs Teaching!

I survived the week before Spring Break!

It's the day we've been waiting for.....Spring Break and Pay Day!

We had a new toy installed this week. It's IPEVO's wireless interactive whiteboard system. Each classroom is having them installed and we are all excited about this. It's basically a pen and a sensor added to your projector that makes your basic whiteboard interactive.

We started using Lyrics2Learn.com this week and my students really like it. I just started the 30 day trial, but it seems like a great program that students enjoy.

Stepping up my Reading Centers!
Sometimes you just get the feeling that you've done your job so well and your students have learned so much and now it's time to revamp your reading centers to be more challenging for your students.

I've added some new Personal Narrative Response Sheets to the Writing Center.

I've added some Close Reading about weather for students to complete and answer questions using text-based evidence. 

I also added some new technology and ideas for students during reading centers.
Using QR Codes to complete research on animals during reading centers. 
We also use QR Codes to review sight words by unscrambling these mixed up sight words and using the QR Code to check your answer. 

New Wobble Chairs from DonorsChoose!
Consider joining our Facebook Community Page for funding DonorsChoose projects HERE

I was able to get 4 and I plan to use them at my small group table.

I am so proud of my kiddos becoming independent readers. The year started with me reading Junie B. Jones aloud to them and now they are reading the books themselves and loving it! We went to the library today and there was basically a race to the Junie B. Jones section. I am planning to introduce The Magic Treehouse books once we return from Spring Break.

Thanks for joining me for my randomness from the week!


  1. LOVE! You are the 2nd person this week I've seen blog about wobble chairs. What are they? Also, do some of your kiddos sit on the stability balls and some in chairs? How do you choose?
    I hope you have an amazing spring break!!!!! :)

    1. The wobble chairs allow students to rock forward/backwards while working. I have stability balls for each student. I allow students to choose whether or not they want to sit on them and some decide not to at times while others love it.
      I am planning to have an amazing spring break at the beach!

  2. Love to see students so engaged in reading! I would love some wobble chairs!