04 March 2016

Five for Friday- 3/4/16

My favorite link up of the week with DoodleBugs Five For Friday 

We had a Pay Day this week. Our wonderful administrators performed for us!

Read Across America Week
Dress as your favorite book character day!
I dressed as the Pout Pout Fish and what could be better than the author Deborah Diesen writing to me on Twitter about it?

We also watercolor painted Pout Pout Fish for our door!

My students enjoyed using this site this week to compose stories.
We read Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big and then students wrote their own stories of a fib and used storybird.com to publish their writing.

Students enjoyed using typingclub.com to practice typing. This site teaches them the appropriate way to sit and place their fingers on the keys to type efficiently. They loved seeing their words per minute after typing and comparing it to each other. First graders are really competitive!

We read If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss and students made up their own wacky Dr. Seuss inspired animals that they would put in a zoo and wrote about it. Students then used the StoryMaker app to draw and write about what would happen if they ran the zoo. 

New on TPT
Close Reading Weather BUNDLE HERE

Subtraction with QR Codes HERE

Thanks for joining me for my randomness this week!

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  1. You have some awesome administrators! They look like fun!

    Stacy @Made with Love