25 March 2016

Five for Friday - 3/25/16

My favorite link up of the week with DoodleBugs Five For Friday 

I'm looking forward to celebrating Easter and spending time with my family this weekend. 

We've been making our own superhero characters and then writing a fictional narrative about saving the world or town from a villain. This was a lot of fun and students loved it. I had students type their writing on google docs. They also water color painted their town. I took a photo of each student laying down and acting like they were flying. I then added that photo to the town they painted and added a piece of crepe paper as a cape. 

If you have a library card have access to the OverDrive app on your kindle and get free books downloaded to your kindle by checking them out of this library. They even have audiobooks.  

We had our Mini Relay to support Relay for Life today at school. My students dressed as super heroes by making masks from paper plates and capes from purple trash bags. We had such great fun!

Anyone else watching March Madness? My husband loves March Madness and had me fill out a bracket. I randomly picked Gonzaga and somehow they are still in it for now.

TPT Product
My Animal Research with QR Codes is a favorite seller in my store. I recently created a similar product of American Heroes with QR Codes.

Animal Research HERE

American Hero Research HERE

Thanks for joining me for my randomness this week!


  1. I love, love, love the superhero art! Great idea. I always tell my kiddos, "Use your powers for good, never evil." I'm gonna use this. Kathleen

  2. Love the superhero craft! Your QR code products look great too! I'll cheer Gonzaga on for you...after KU of course. ;) Happy Easter!

  3. I love your superhero art! That's awesome!