09 January 2016

Five for Friday- January 8

My favorite link up of the week with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

Back at it in 2016!

January Bulletin Board
Snow Globe Writing
We read Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor and then make a graphic organizer using Popplet to brainstorm ideas about why we would or would not like to live in snow globe. They then used google drive to type their writing on either our computers, chromebooks or iPads. They have learned to change their own font and they laugh as they find the ones they like the most. I used clear plastic plates that I found at Target, glitter, and cotton balls to make it look like they were in snow globes for the bulletin board. I also put a rubric on each piece of writing in the hallway with teacher feedback. This rubric and many others are in my Writer's Workshop Pack

New Computer Chairs from DonorsChoose and of course they are purple!
My students look very studious as they sit in these at the computer. 

New Year New Goals
I spoke before about taking care of myself better. At my school, we are starting the Amazing Race for getting healthy and fit. It was optional, but we are put on teams and "active" minutes and exercise time adds up to get your team to different checkpoints. So, I have to start using the elliptical that has lots of dust at my house. ha!
I also bought two year long devotionals that I plan to use this year. So far, I have really enjoyed both of them.

New Resources for the New Year
As I looked over my reading centers our first day back this week, I realized that I needed to revamp a few things. 
Opinion Writing- The sheets I was using for centers only had one line for students to write on. So, I made some new opinion sheets where students Pick One of two choices and then there are lines to write the topic sentence, 3 reasons for support and a closing sentence.  This sheet is perfect for my students at this point during our opinion writing unit. 

I created this sheet as a listening center response sheet. Students can illustrate and write about what happened in the story. 

My students keep 3 books that are on their reading level in their desk to read if they finish a task early. I created this sheet for students to draw a picture of the book and write about their favorite part of the story.

Read Read Read
I just finished book 4 in the Glass of Throne series and I've really liked the series so far. 
Anyone read any good books lately?

Thanks for listening to my randomness for the week!


  1. Casey- you are AMAZING!!! And an AWESOME teacher!!

  2. I love your product makeover!! :) Also - love your signature and those pretty purple flowers!!!! Your blog is so cute!!!

    Mrs B