11 December 2015

Five for Friday- 12/11

My favorite link up of the week with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

It is obvious that students are aware it is December!!!!
Christmas Cheer!
We made elves and wrote a math riddle for the hallway bulletin board.

This is by far my favorite ornament we make every year. I buy the kits on Oriental Trading. I like how unique they all turn out. 

Awesome Apps for Publishing Writing!

We've started using Morfo, MakeaStory, Sock Puppets and Telestory Apps to publish and share writing. Students are LOVING IT!
We read What if you had Animal Hair? and students wrote an opinion piece about what kind of animal hair they would like and why. 

Below are some examples of our first attempts with the Morfo app. 

Scholastic Book Order
My students are reading so well that I needed to purchase a few more books at higher levels for our leveled book library. My students are always excited when our scholastic book order comes in. 

Google Docs!

I created a gmail account for my class and I use that for students to save their typed writing in the google docs folder that is labeled with their name. It is working great so far!

Exercise Balls as Seats!

We've added some alternative seating to our classroom and of course the students are absolutely enjoying it. We have 6 at the moment and we rotate them daily. 

Thanks for listening to my randomness for the week!


  1. We elfed ourselves today, too! My favourite craft of the year :) They always turn out so cute!
    Love your ornaments as well!
    Maternelle avec Mme Andrea

    1. The elves are always so fun! I considered doing something else this year, but just couldn't resist!

  2. Replies
    1. It has made my life so much easier! Before they were trying to save on the Student Drive and forgetting to save before they exited the program. On Google it saves automatically as they are working.