27 November 2015

All I Want for Black Friday!

I am linking up with The Primary Pack to discuss what I would like for Black Friday this year, hopefully my husband and friends read my blog. :) Be sure to check back at the original link up to enter an absolutely HUGE giveaway.

1. Old Navy is having a wonderful sale online. I have this green shirt in black and like how long it is. I am going to order the green as well. This is what I always do, if I like the shirt I suddenly want ALL the colors.
2. Target- Kitchen Aid Mixer are marked down and you get an additional $20 Target gift card with the purchase. These sleep pants are also from target and I LOVE them. I am short so it helps that they gather at the ankles, most sleep pants drag the floor when I walk. I have these in purple and black already, so comfy! The scarf is also Target. I am a sucker for scarves!
3. Vera Bradley is having a sale, but of course the design I want is NOT on sale.
4. To my knowledge, Tieks is not having a Black Friday Sale, but maybe they will surprise me tomorrow. I have 3 pair and I'm already planning for the 4th pair being grey metallic pewter.
5. TOMS is having a sale of 10% off their sale items. I've had my eye on these booties for awhile.

1. I want this Christmas Around the World pack, because this will be my first year doing Christmas around the world. I've already volunteered to have plans for Germany. Our first graders will go to different classrooms to learn about different countries.
2. This math pack from Miss Giraffe is for Units 10-18. I've already purchased 1-9 and enjoy incorporating the activities into our daily BUILD stations.
3. Prince Padania is awesome! I just found his clip art this week and I love it! Check him out HERE.

This will be the perfect time to grab these items!
1. Rekenrek Task Cards BUNDLE is my best seller and most wish listed item. 
2. Two Way Sort- Growing BUNDLE- My first growing BUNDLE. I use this same task each week to review new phonics skills.
3. American Hero KWL Charts and Questions BUNDLE- aligned to 3rd grade Georgia standards. I recently added new clip art and fonts to this fun bundle.
4. I Can Speed Read BUNDLE- Great for phonics. Students roll dice and read the words listed for skills such as: sight words, cvc, word families, long vowels, blends. 
5. Sweet Sentences with Sight Words and QR Codes BUNDLE- Great way to incorporate technology into your reading centers! My students feel so important and independent when they use QR Codes.

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