02 October 2015

Five For Friday- 10/02/15

As always, I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

You know the feeling!

Last week was Fall Break and I didn't post a Five for Friday, but I thought I'd include it briefly here. It was so nice to be at the beach in September! The weather was wonderful. It wasn't super hot like it is in the middle of the summer. My sister and her boyfriend were able to join us as well. 
Of course, I have to include our group selfie from the beach and a few animal sightings.  :)

This was my first payday for me day at my new school. This is excited because our amazing admins dress up each payday and sing a song to all the teachers. This month's theme was Yabba Dabba Payday!

My students are having so much fun learning about pumpkins. I love how this pumpkin craft turned out. It was eye opening to watch them paint with water colors for the orange on the pumpkin. Some of my students did not understand how it worked and kept claiming that the paint was all dried out and no good. They did not understand that it was supposed to be like that and you had to put water on your brush first to make it work. :)

New Product
Sight Word Checklist HERE
Now that I am teaching first I found myself needing to make new sight word checklists and assessment notebooks. In kindergarten we were learning about 125 words. The list I've made for first grade has 1000 Fry Words. I made one checklist that has ALL 1000 words, yes the font is small, but I like that parents are not waiting on me to send the next list when they feel their child is ready to move on. I don't have time to assess students on sight words each day. I make it a goal to assess each child once a week. 

New FREEBIE this week!
"ck" GO FISH
I love using card games in the classroom for learning.

Thanks for listening to my randomness from the week! 


  1. I love the payday-palooza! That's so fun! The watercolor pumpkins look super fun, as well. They have so much personality!
    Shine on in First Grade

  2. That Yabba Dabba Payday is too great!
    And I love how your pumpkin craft turned out - they are SO CUTE!!!
    (So adorable about the all-dried-out watercolors - it's a lot of fun to realize how littles think!)
    :o) Pam
    Hedgehog Reader