18 September 2015

Five For Friday- 9/18

I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

This was my first week back, after being out for the past month. It was a lot like the first week of school with reviewing procedures and expectations. The good news is that it is now Fall Break and I have a week off. We are going to the beach! When I return to school I am sure I will need to review procedures and expectations again. This is a bit like the first week of school that never ends....only kidding, but I am super excited to take a trip to the beach!

Here's a peek at our week!

How- To Explanatory Informational writing and Bulletin Board
Day 1- Eat an Oreo and then we wrote about how to eat an oreo.
Day 2- We blew soap bubbles and wrote about how to blow soap bubbles.
Day 3- We chewed bubble gum and blew bubbles and wrote about how to blow bubbles.
Day 4- We recorded ourselves reading our writing and made it into a QR Code.
Day 5- Completed recording everyone, while others wrote about how to make their favorite sandwich.

I also took photos of the students "blowing" a bubble. I then attached a pink balloon to look like a bubble gum bubble. I posted this photo, their writing and the QR Code (some I'm still working on) to the bulletin board in the hallway. You can scan the QR Code to see a video of each student reading their writing. 

We had lots of fun with this and students were excited about writing as well as proud of their work

Standards and EQ's
I have been trying to find a set up that I like with my standards and EQ's. I am finally happy. Here is the before and after. (Please ignore my terrible handwriting)

Now with a black pocket chart (amazon) laminated color coded sentence strips and "ticket holders" to hold my standards. (These First Grade Georgia Standards are in my TPT Store)

Here is what the ticket holders look like on amazon.

After being out for a month, the student nameplates I had on their desks were already looking nasty with the tape pulled up and honestly I never really liked those. So, I made some new ones with a monster theme to match the rest of my room. I'm really happy with how they turned out. 

I'm reorganizing my reading centers to be similar to The Daily Five. I am using these FREE Posters from Kristen Smith HERE  and I created two more, one for computer and one for iPads. Each day I plan to move the two from above down one row to rotate the centers. Basically, I am planning for students to go to two centers a day and also meet with me for guided reading. If I find out they need more than two centers I can easily add another card. 

I am going to use this same method for Math Stations (Build Stations, but again I added more technology) I've made cards with real photographs to use for FREE in my TPT Store. HERE

One more FREEBIE in action! This Roll, Tally, Graph FREEBIE HERE

Thanks for listening to my randomness from the week! 


  1. We have a very similar style! Love the black pocket chart from Amazon,.. Is it bad that I'm wondering where and how I can use one! Haha! Love your room - it looks great! Glad I found your blog! I'm your newest follower :)

    My Shoestring Life

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I also love the black pocket charts. I still have three royal blue ones hanging in my room and I really want to change them to black. It shouldn't matter, but it does to me!!!

  2. Your name tags are super cute! Now I want black pocket charts, too!