18 September 2015

Five For Friday- 9/18

I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

This was my first week back, after being out for the past month. It was a lot like the first week of school with reviewing procedures and expectations. The good news is that it is now Fall Break and I have a week off. We are going to the beach! When I return to school I am sure I will need to review procedures and expectations again. This is a bit like the first week of school that never ends....only kidding, but I am super excited to take a trip to the beach!

Here's a peek at our week!

How- To Explanatory Informational writing and Bulletin Board
Day 1- Eat an Oreo and then we wrote about how to eat an oreo.
Day 2- We blew soap bubbles and wrote about how to blow soap bubbles.
Day 3- We chewed bubble gum and blew bubbles and wrote about how to blow bubbles.
Day 4- We recorded ourselves reading our writing and made it into a QR Code.
Day 5- Completed recording everyone, while others wrote about how to make their favorite sandwich.

I also took photos of the students "blowing" a bubble. I then attached a pink balloon to look like a bubble gum bubble. I posted this photo, their writing and the QR Code (some I'm still working on) to the bulletin board in the hallway. You can scan the QR Code to see a video of each student reading their writing. 

We had lots of fun with this and students were excited about writing as well as proud of their work

Standards and EQ's
I have been trying to find a set up that I like with my standards and EQ's. I am finally happy. Here is the before and after. (Please ignore my terrible handwriting)

Now with a black pocket chart (amazon) laminated color coded sentence strips and "ticket holders" to hold my standards. (These First Grade Georgia Standards are in my TPT Store)

Here is what the ticket holders look like on amazon.

After being out for a month, the student nameplates I had on their desks were already looking nasty with the tape pulled up and honestly I never really liked those. So, I made some new ones with a monster theme to match the rest of my room. I'm really happy with how they turned out. 

I'm reorganizing my reading centers to be similar to The Daily Five. I am using these FREE Posters from Kristen Smith HERE  and I created two more, one for computer and one for iPads. Each day I plan to move the two from above down one row to rotate the centers. Basically, I am planning for students to go to two centers a day and also meet with me for guided reading. If I find out they need more than two centers I can easily add another card. 

I am going to use this same method for Math Stations (Build Stations, but again I added more technology) I've made cards with real photographs to use for FREE in my TPT Store. HERE

One more FREEBIE in action! This Roll, Tally, Graph FREEBIE HERE

Thanks for listening to my randomness from the week! 

12 September 2015

Five For Friday- September 11

I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

Well, I have not posted in awhile and I will explain briefly. This will most likely be the one and only time I talk about this on my blog. 
On August 17th, I found out my baby lost his heart beat and I had to give birth to my stillborn child 2 days later. It has been an emotional month and I have not been in my classroom or had my mind on blogging or TPT. I am merely posting this personal information to explain my absence and why my posts about baby purchases and  maternity clothes will cease. 

Well, I am returning to work Monday and I am ready to get back to things being as normal as they possibly can. 

With that being said, let's move on to the fun stuff that I'd like to share. 

Fun Purchases/Splurges!

I've decided I absolutely love these shoes. I bought my first pair this summer in matte black and I have now purchased my second pair in camel. Both are neutral and will go with lots! That's me, I always play it safe and try to be logical in my splurges.

I recently purchased a FitBit and I really like it at this point. It tracks my steps (pedometer), works as a watch, displays my heart rate, floors climbed, and even monitors my sleep at night. 
I find the numbers so interesting. I know, I'm a nerd. Of course, I had to get the PURPLE one! My husband has one also and we are always asking each other, "How many steps did you get today?" Look how low my heart rate is while I was in line at Starbucks, see I was half asleep and needed that coffee!

I remodeled an old TPT product and I'm looking forward to putting this Word Family Posters up in my class this week.  Check them out in my store, HERE

Here's the Weekly Newsletter/Behavior I've decided to use this year. You can find it in my store HERE

My friend Ashley's sister made this wonderful classroom wreath for me and it looks amazing!
I love burlap!

The absolute BEST PURCHASES I've made on TPT this year. Sometimes, I think I merely sell things on TPT in order to purchase things on TPT. :) This is my first year teaching First Grade and I made some large purchases this year based on that and I wanted to share about 2 of my favorite purchases that have been worth every penny so far. 

Rise and Shine Morning Work Binder along with the ELA and MATH work to go in them. I love love love this set and how easy it is for my students.  I admit it wasn't easy at first, but what is with kindergarten or first grade at the beginning of the year when they are learning procedures? Now, that they know what is expected I feel that my mornings are completely stress free when it comes to morning work and that is exactly what I was looking for. Something challenging for my students, not too easy that they finish in 2 seconds, but also something that is not frustrating that they are asking me questions about the entire time. I wanted it to be something they could work on independently while I am checking folders, lunch money, lunch choice, completing attendance, and the million other things we are expected to do in about 15 minutes in the morning. I still don't know how we (teachers) get it all done each morning. 
Here's the product and how you set up the binder, HERE
Math work for inside the binder, HERE
ELA work for inside the binder, HERE

The other product I adore and find EXTREMELY useful is Miss Giraffe's First Grade Math Units 1-9 BUNDLED! I am a sucker for BUNDLES! I knew I wanted UNIT 1, so I when I saw the bundle I decided to go ahead and get that to save money in the long run. I have not been disappoint so far, considering I've only used Units 1 and 2. There are so many great games, station ideas and other resources that my students enjoy. I'm excited to take time and look at the content of the other units as well, but I'm sure they will not disappoint. 

Check it out HERE


While I was out I received lots of stuff from DonorsChoose. Many of my projects funded while Bill and Melinda Gates were matching donations. I did not take a picture of everything, but I now have:

  • a new iPad mini
  • iPad mini case
  • 30 earbuds
  • 25 primary writing journals
  • 25 packs of twistable crayons
  • lots and lots of colored cardstock
  • 200 laminating pouches
  • black and color ink for my classroom printer
  • toon books perfect for First Grade

If you have a DonorsChoose project consider joining the GeorgiaPeaches on DonorsChoose facebook community page to help support your project. 

Thanks for listening to my randomness from the week!