26 July 2015

Five For Friday- June 24

This is my last weekend before preplanning starts!
I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

Well, here goes my busy week that went by in a blink!

I've been working in my classroom this past week just to get ahead. 

This was my TO DO List I left on the last Five for Friday post. I highlighted the things I was able to accomplish.

Fabric, borders, and titles on bulletin boards. 
Put remaining curtains up.
Put crates in classroom (that I added fabric and tops to make them into stools)
Print/laminate/cut new lunch choice photos and add them to TPT
Tape numbers on corners of desks.
Reorganize closets and use label maker to label shelves with which supplies go where.
Hang chart for reading and math rotations.- I hung these but I think I may move them.
Hot glue burlap around desk.
Print/laminate/cut bathroom passes.
Start thinking about Open House...treat bags? magnets? etc.
- I've decided to make a cute treat that I saw on pinteret, a bag of Pop Rocks and then make a tag that says "First Grade Rocks!"
I am going to make magnets for parents with my email on it. (I've made them I just need to print and laminate them)

Here is a SNEAK PEEK at what my classroom is looking like. IT IS NOT DONE! This is just a little peek.

I added this curtain under the sink. It actually is hiding my treasure box. (I really like peace signs).
 My Alphabet with Real Photos is posted. It is in my store HERE
There is also a White Version if you were wanting to use less ink.
My glider is looking great in it's new spot.
I love my easel from Lakeshore Learning- It is by far my best purchase/addition to the classroom. My husband bought it for me the first year I started teaching as a gift, but a colleague of mine wrote a DonorsChoose project for one and got it last year.
In my shelf I have white boards and socks (erasers) as well as rekenreks. I teach students the first week how to pass them down the row without talking. I love this set up with these hands on manipulatives.
My library with new Labels with Real Photos. In my store HERE

 These are my reading and math tubs. I need to put labels on them and get them ready for the first week...put that on the TO DO list.

This is my Leveled Library of books that students can put in their book boxes ( I am actually going to use bags this year that I ordered from reallygoodstuff) you can tell that I am used to teaching Kindergarten. I will have to work on collecting additional books for my first graders.
The labels are from Ladybugs Teacher Files HERE

 I've set up my guided reading area. I love a great kidney shaped table.
 My husband put some new fabric on my crate seats. Perfect for our Chromebook area.
 I hemmed these curtains that were on my windows in my other classroom to fit here and hid where students store their book bags. This fabric is beautiful and really brightens up the room.

Sorry for the trash and randomness in some of these photos. I will have better photos once my room is finalized. I've accomplished a lot, but still feel I have lots to do.

New Product
Lunch Choices Editable

I made these lunch choice cards with photos from the DollarPhotoClub. I realize that different counties/states have different things on the menu and that is why I made this document editable. You can edit it using powerpoint by adding your own photos and I've given details about the font I used to create the document. 
Lunch Choice Photos HERE

Here is the chart I created on a magnetic dry erase board for students to make their choice in the morning.

I also made this Monster Birthday set to display birthdays in my class this year. HERE

I've also been in my husband's 7th grade science classroom this week helping him hang posters, put up bulletin boards, etc. 
I may have to get some more photos of his room to share with y'all next week. 

He also has a TPT Store if you are interested HERE

It was my sister's birthday this week. So, we went down to Senoia, Ga (it's only about 30 minutes away from me) and ate at Zac Brown's Southern Ground Social Club.

We also had fun at some of the Walking Deads shops and museums.

Here's my mom with her favorite, Daryl.
  We took this photo to make a few jokes about the Birthday Girl being locked up. :) All in good fun of course!

So, I went to the doctor this week and we found out we are having a BOY!
Cade will be joining our family in December. :)

Thanks for listening to my randomness from the week! 


  1. I love your room and storage bins! I will be working on my classroom library setup when I am able to get into my room. Congratulations on a baby boy! How exciting!

    Little Gingergarten

    1. Thanks! We are really excited. My library bins are from ReallyGoodStuff.com and have lasted me 5 years and they still look brand new.

  2. Congrats on the baby boy! I have three. They are all grown now, and I miss them being my little boys almost everyday.

    Walking Dead is a pretty big thing in our house. Love your mom next to her fave, Daryl. That just happens to be my daughters favorite as well.

    Can't wait to explore the rest of your blog!

    1. I can't imagine 3 boys! I am still trying to convince myself that we will have 1 come December. It doesn't seem real, yet.