10 July 2015

Five For Friday- July 10

I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

It's been a week already? Anyone else feel this way?

New Products and Ideas

I am really excited about my newest products, because I intend to use this right away in new classroom this year. 
I created Alphabet and Color Word Posters. I made white and black versions of this product. I printed and laminated the black version for my own classroom. I've included short and long vowel photos for A, E, I, and O Can you think of one for U?, let me know if you do. 

You can see the COLOR POSTERS HERE

ALSO, I am really excited that I am finishing an idea I've had for about a month now. To create a monster themed behavior board that can correlate with Class Dojo and even goes along with GoNoodle with the monster theme and idea that the monster is growing larger and larger as their amazing behavior increases.

I've learned with Behavior Management that it is really what works best for you. So, this is what I know will work for me, it may not work for you.
I made this super cute monster magnets using the product HERE and also used the items below. 

I used the following items to modge podge the monster to the back of a glass bead and then hot glued the magnet onto the back. I bought the beads at hobby lobby. They are 21mm squares.

I now plan to set up my behavior board using the rest of that DIY product above that includes checkpoints for students to make it to by exhibiting positive behavior. 

Students will start their monsters at the school and move their magnet to 1 then 2 and so fourth for positive behavior that I point out. For example, “I love that you pushed your chair in. Go move your magnet.” Or “That was nice of you to help him tie his shoe. Go move your magnet.” “Table 1 all started working right away, you can all go move your magnet.” Table 3 is doing a great job working quietly. Go move your magnet.” If someone is needing many reminders to stay on task I would give them a visual warning by moving their magnet to “Take a Break” and would pay close attention to their actions to try and point out something positive they are doing to move their magnet back to the school and back on track. Personally, I do not start the magnets over at the school each day. If someone ends on 2 on a Tuesday afternoon they start their the following day. I do not expect students to make it to 5 every single day. That is too much work on my part. I allow students to go to the treasure box at the end of the day if they make it to 5 during the day. If students were unable to regain their self control once in the “Take a Break” box I then write a note in their folder. FYI, I rarely write notes.
I hope this info helps, and it is obviously what works best for you and it may take some time to figure that out.
I love this positive system and the kids do too. 

I am in love...with my new laminator! How come no one told me how awesome Scotch Laminators were? I bought one on amazon and they still have it on sale for $30ish instead of $80. HERE I can't believe it has taken me this long to try it out and love it. 


So, I have been trying to revamp my pinterest account. I have a personal account and then I created one to use solely as CasedillaCrumbs. The problem is that I am always signed in to my personal account and pinning stuff, but here I am saying, "I WILL DO BETTER!" .....at least I intend to do better....

I participated in the #TPTChat on Twitter last Sunday and it was all about pinterest. So I am making an effort. :)

By the way, you should join in on the #TPTChat Sunday at 8pm Eastern Time. 

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Upcoming Preplanning Presentation
I have preplanning presentation at the end of July. Yes, my preplanning is in July and kids will come back the first week of August. Anyways, I am presenting about best practices of ELA for Kindergarten and have been encouraged to make the presentation "hands-on and engaging"
I would appreciate any ideas or thoughts to make my presentation worthwhile. 
Should I give materials to make a couple of literacy centers? Hand out guided reading book sets and have groups discuss creating a guided reading lesson? 

I am already planning to show multiple work samples, classroom organization tips and ideas as well as lots of ways to use technology in the classroom, but this is mainly me talking. Give me your ideas on how to make it "hands on" think about the best PL you went to and what made it so good. Thanks!

I realize I get off topic with this whole baby/maternity stuff and I hope you don't mind.
So, Target had/has this awesome deal that if you spent $125 on baby you would get a $20 gift card and if you spent $200 you get a $40 gift card as well as having multiple items on sale. 
My husband and I went ahead and purchased out 4MOMS Playard that we had our eye on and I'm really excited about all the great reviews I read about this playard. We also bought a crib mattress that is dual sided with one side being for infant and one side for toddler so hopefully it will last us for awhile.
My parents also picked up a nice wooden high chair for $30 at a yard sale. I like that it is wooden so we can clean it up real nice opposed to the ones with fabric. 

I really love Target....
I bought some maternity dresses at Target that fit fine now and I feel will grow with my during my pregnancy.

Thanks for listening to my randomness from the week! 


  1. I love your monster magnets! Too cute! :) You will LOVE having the laminator! It's so nice to be able to laminate things from home during the summer! If only we could afford to have RISOs in our homes, too, right?? Those looks like awesome baby finds!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

    1. I feel like I should've known about the laminator a long time ago. I can't believe no one told me about it. haha A Riso at home would be amazing, then again, would we ever stop working on school stuff?

  2. Hi Casey! I love the alphabet and color posters. I usually use "umbrella" and "unicycle" for u. Other ideas would be: unicorn, universe, up, and undershirt.

    I've actually been thinking a bit about PD lately. I'm really liking the PD I get for myself on Twitter. I like it because interesting questions are posed, and then everyone responds. Why couldn't school PD fit this model? Presenters filling more the role of a facilitator than expert dispensing information? Connect teachers to an interesting bit of information, then facilitate discussion. That's the type of PD I'd rather attend. I get a little offended when a coach who has never done what I do tries to tell me what I should do.

    With my first baby I was really grateful for the glider and the Boppy pillow. Have a great weekend, hopefully chat on Sunday!
    Not very fancy in 1st

    1. Unicycle is perfect! Thanks! I kept thinking unicorn and I didn't want to use a picture of a unicorn.... I agree, I really enjoy PD on Twitter and wish it could all be set up that way. I've heard that I need to get a boppy pillow. You have a great weekend also and I look forward to our Sunday #TPTChat