03 June 2015

June Currently

I am linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for June Currently

Listening- Pandora while packing up my room. I just moved my entire class from one school to a new one and then worked on unpacking boxes and then putting all the supplies away to prepare for the floor to be cleaned over the summer. I am excited to be at a new school but sad that my old school was repurposed and all my friends/colleagues were spread out throughout the county. We will have to make an effort to keep in touch. I am used to having a parapro in my room and talking during teacher workdays, but I am in first grade for next year and realized I will be in my room alone quite often before and after work. Listening to music seems like a great thing to do in the afternoons while cleaning, organizing, planning, etc.

Loving- My new hair dyer! I don't think I talked about this before, but I may have. I bought a new hair dryer on amazon and it is amazing and has cut my hair drying time in half! It is a ceramic hair dryer. The one I bought is no longer available, but I suggest that if you've had the same hair dryer for over 5 years, you should invest in a new one. :)

Thinking- I have got to get to work on a TPT To Do List and capitalize on this time off. I am starting a new grade level and want to have some resources ready to go once the year starts. Any suggestions for things I need to make for 1st grade? I also want to make more clip art. I really enjoy making clip art and it always makes me smile when my clip art sells and I imagine someone else using the clip art for their own products and classrooms.

Wanting- To post a new DonorsChoose project. I love DonorsChoose and have acquired so many wonderful things for my classroom using DonorsChoose. I need to post a new project for some first grade resources. If you have not used DonorsChoose, you should! Let me know if you have questions. I also run a Facebook Community supporting DC Projects. Click HERE to see the facebook page Georgia Peaches on DonorsChoose.

Needing- To exercise! Need I say more?

Summer Lovin- Can't wait to get back to the beach! June 14th hurry up! I have been excited for the summer to read books, TPT, plan my new class arrangement, and work on my blog. Sorry April got away from me and I barely blogged. I wish I would have done more. :(

So, here is a photo recap of April
We had a Snow Cone Truck come to our school!

Our school library gave away lots of books. I picked some to read this summer myself.

If you only knew how many cart loads of boxes and stuff I pushed this past month!

My amazing parapro that retired in April recovered my glider, so I can start new next year. 

Our school bought all the teachers Italian Ice one day. Yum!

My new classroom. 

Last look at my old classroom with everything out. 

My favorite Oak Tree at my old school. I used to see it everyday I pulled up to school and everyday when I left. 


  1. I'm ready for a new Donor's Choose project too. I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I bet your new school will be wonderful!! Enjoy your summer!

    1. I was trying to write one to get the PWC Almost Home funding, but I think they are almost out of funds. I always look at the funding opportunities for my state and then plan around those.

  2. I need to make a TPT to do list as well! You're totally right on needing to make this summer count. I also am moving schools too so I completely understand the sad/happy feeling that you're talking about. It's a really odd feeling, but I'm sure it'll be great!! Have a wonderful summer!
    Missing Tooth Grins

    1. It seems more and more people I talk to are moving schools. I didn't realize it was so common. I hope you have a wonderful summer also and thanks for your kind words about my move. :)

    2. It seems more and more people I talk to are moving schools. I didn't realize it was so common. I hope you have a wonderful summer also and thanks for your kind words about my move. :)