26 June 2015

Five For Friday- June 26th

I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

 So, I have been keeping this a secret until 12 weeks. We finally were able to have our baby announcement this week. 
After lots of debating and laughs this is the announcement we used,

This was a close second, and my husband used this one on instagram because he really liked it, 

Here are some outtakes from the photo we took,

All in all, it was a lot of fun! It is much harder than you think to blow a bubble a the same time!

My Erin Condren Life Planner came in the mail and I am so excited. Also, excited that some of my friends are getting theirs for the first time this year and they keep updating me on how they can't believe they've lived without one.

 I started adding dates in my calendar with fun stickers! Hooray for organization!

If you are interested in purchasing your own planner, use the code below to get a $10 coupon emailed to you. 

Summer Cleaning!
I've started some summer cleaning and reorganizing and pinterest/etsy is your best friend when you are trying to get better organized. 
I ordered a magnetic chalkboard that I plan to hang in my bathroom and put magnetic tape on the back of my make up and it will attach to the board instead of take up room on the counter. 
I got the idea on pinterest-
Makeup Magnet Board | 22 tricks and tips for high storage, stylish but small bathrooms.

I ordered the magnetic chalkboard from etsy. I realize many people are crafty and can make their own. I have so many projects going on that I just wanted to order this. 
I found one on their with a gray wood border and I am buying this mason jar organizer to put brushes, qtips, (my husbands razor ugh) and toothbrushes/paste.

I also ordered a jewelry organizer. 

I ordered a cheap tie rack to organize my scarves as well. 

We are doing some massive cleaning. I have even started putting shoes, etc. on ebay and making a big stack of stuff for a yard sale later this summer. 


I read book 2 in the Ascendance Trilogy and I am working on book 3. :)

I read Gone Girl a long time ago.  My husband and I finally watched it and he is so mad at the ending of the story. -Ha!

Maternity Clothes
I've had to start purchasing some maternity clothes and here are some of my favorites thus far. Let me know if you have some favorites in maternity clothes. 
Demi Panel Resolution True Skinny Jeans
I am super short and have to have pants/jeans that come in an ankle/short measurement.
Love these jeans!

I have this very basic Maternity Textured Tee by Liz Lange in a couple of colors and these are my go-to shirts. 

I hope you enjoyed my randomness from the week!

New TPT Quote Box Thanks, Alexis from Laugh Eat Learn!

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