13 June 2015

Five For Friday - June 12

I am excited to link up with DoodleBugs Five For Friday

Kindergarten ELA Best Practices!
I have been working on my presentation for preplanning, yes I know that it is June...
I had to have it completed and turned in to have copies made. 
If you'd like to take a look at my presentation feel free :)

I will warn you that it is lengthy.

Summer Nails!
 I haven't had a manicure or pedicure in what feels like over a year. So, this was a real treat!

Target Dollar Spot Finds!
Some of these were $1 and some were $3.
Foam Dice, lunch box, string lights with a battery pack-perfect for your door or bulletin board, jute rope, light up bracelets, hanging lanterns!

I finished The 5th Wave and it was so good. Now on to book 2 in the series. I plan to do lots of reading this week at the beach!

These are some that I plan to finish first!

I have started revising some old products, made some new ones and even put up some FREEBIES all in the last week. :) 




I hope you enjoyed my randomness from the week!

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  1. Super cute blog! You just gotta love a good manicure, love the bright color you chose. My Target never has the really good stuff, you're so lucky. Have a great time at the beach!

    Luv My Kinders