24 March 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday- Blabberize

I am linking up with Techie Turtle Teacher for Tech Tip Tuesday

A great way to publish writing is to use Blabberize!

My students love it!  They get so excited when I say we are going to make their pictures TALK!

I recently read If I Had Animal Hair by Sandra Markle

Students then wrote about which kind of animal hair they would want and why. Afterwards, they illustrated a picture of themselves and I used the website blabberize.com to record their voice and attach the voice to their image and shared it on my class website. 
Here is one example:

We also used this site this year when we learned about Pilgrims and they told the story of Pilgrims coming to America after illustrating a picture of a Pilgrim. 

I used Blabberize in third grade after studying American Heroes, students created an illustration of the American Hero and I recorded their voice reading facts about the American Hero that they researched. 

So many options for this great site! Please let me know if you use it and how you used it with your class. 

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I've heard about Blabberize but I haven't used it. Your post makes me want to try it out!

    Techie Turtle Teacher