06 March 2015

Five for Friday

Five for Friday

I had lots of fun this week with Read Across America Week! We dressed up each day according to a school theme and had a Book Parade Friday!

My class dressed up as Olivia by Ian Falconer. I told the boys to wear red and they were Oliver...or Olivia's brother Ian. My Para dressed up and another teacher and para dressed up as The Three Little Pigs. 

We read If I Ran the Zoo and then students water color painted their own animals and wrote a description of their animals. We are learning about animals in our science unit at the moment, so this lesson was perfect! 

We read one of my favorite books, If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen. I then gave students papers to draw their house and some students asked for more than one paper while others completed theirs on one. Students then wrote to tell about each fun room in their house. One little girl made a Hello Kitty House, many girls had a make-up room with lip gloss, and they liked the part of the book with a huge slide so many incorporated that into their house as well. 

Math Consultant came to video tape a lesson this week and we were playing Drop It Like It's Hot! Lots of fun. Next week we meet as a grade level to watch the videos and reflect. 

New bookshelf from donorschoose!
I really enjoy using donorschoose to acquire much needed resources for my classroom and this week my new book shelf was delivered. 

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