27 March 2015

Five for Friday- 3/27

Whew what a week!

We started our unit on plants this week and for fun to go along with this we drew faces on the outside of eggshells and then planted some grass seeds. Our little Egg Heads will soon have hair.

I also made a new "Picture of the Day" Product to go with our Plant Unit.
My students have really enjoyed this real life photos and it seems like such a great way to increase vocabulary, speaking and listening skills as well as integrate science into writing. 
Click HERE for the link to my store. 

My husband teaches 7th grade science and sometimes we car pool....not very often. He is a morning person and I NEED my coffee!!!

I am the ELA Innovative Educator for Kindergarten in my county for the 2015 School Year. This week we had our first meeting and they gave us each an iPad mini to use in our classroom. :) 

I absolutely love reusing items from around the house. Did I mention that I love coffee? So of course I have a million coffee cans. I made each student a take-home Uh-Oh Sight Word Game to play at home from these old cans and they turned out pretty cute. I will upload this game freebie to TPT next week. It is on my school computer and I'm at home, so you'll have to check back for it. 

Just in case you did not know. Here are the latest additions to my classroom that are from DonorsChoose Projects that I've written and random companies and kind people have funded them by giving tax deductible donations through the donorschoose website. Make an account! If you don't try, then you definitely won't get one funded.
We now have a tablet charging station and a new classroom rug!

I hope you enjoyed my randomness from the week!


  1. I am also married to a Science Teacher. But he is a nightowl like me.
    Thanks for sharing your cool ideas.
    I found you on the Five for Friday linky.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

    1. The best part of being married to a teacher is that we both have the same days off. We can actually go somewhere together for Spring Break, etc.