20 March 2015

Five for Friday- 3/20

Five for Friday- 3/20

Do you GoNoodle? We had some rainy days and we enjoyed indoor recess with GoNoodle. My students thought the Chillax video was hilarious!

Animal Research with QR Codes! Such a success! 
The paper in the pic was just a rough draft, I have since made a more "presentable" Zoo Animal Edition in my TPT Store HERE

STEM Challenge: Create a bridge a Troll (toilet paper roll they decorated) can fit under and 3 Billy Goats (the three cubes) can balance on. We had lots of fun with this today. I also had students retell the story using these props after creating the bridge. 

New Picture of the Day Product where students can compare similarities and differences of animals in real photographs. HERE

Setting up for our Monday PL day with another school. We have another school coming over to see some math and literacy center/stations. As a grade level we tried to pull all kinds of things to share.
So much info in one place!!

Literacy Centers:

Recognizing Letters
Beginning Sounds
Sight Words 
 Changing Letters to Make New Words

It looks like I didn't take pics of the writing center ideas...sorry. 

Math Read Alouds
 Math Centers/Stations:

Counting On/Number Sense

Now to make some kind of list of activities/links for these teachers to take with them. Looks like I will be busy this weekend!


  1. You've had so many engaging things going on in your room. I love the STEM challenge and your Picture of the Day product. I like the idea of collaborating and sharing with other schools. What a great way to learn something new. Have a great weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. They really enjoyed the STEM Challenge, but are still working on not becoming frustrated when their "first" attempt does not work.It's so hard as a teacher to watch them struggle and not "tell or show" them how to do it, but it was worth it to see how proud they were of themselves with their finished product. This is our first time collaborating with another school, but we are excited about it. Thank you for your kind words!