13 March 2015

Five For Friday- 3/13

Five for Friday- 3/13
Welcome to my randomness from the week. Be sure to check the other Five for Friday Posts at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

We changed our kitchen area into an ice cream shop! This was a huge hit and hilarious to watch students work the ice cream shop with the fake phone ringing for students to place orders and fun to watch students eat the ice cream they purchased. Orders were not accepted for brown, white or pink ice cream or banilla. 

Our chickens at home are laying eggs again. Who needs a basket when you have a shirt?

I am joining the stereotypical teachers and picked up my first pair of glasses this week. BTW, if you are on the computer a lot you should get glasses with a blue filter to protect your eyes. 

We met with a math consultant this week to reflect on the lessons she recorded of us teaching math last week. She always brings us goodies and this week she brought us these cool foam magnetic ten frames. You should have heard our cheers for a ten frame- ha we are such teachers! 

I never did post a pic of our Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who Door. We put each student on their own speck of dust (flower). The kids call it the "speck of dust" door. 

I hope you enjoyed my randomness for the week! 

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