02 March 2015

Currently March

Currently March

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Listening- The Fall on Netflix, sometimes you just need a good murder mystery show. I love netflix! Binge watching a show all at once is the best!

Loving- my new purchase of a Diamond Foot File by Earth Therapeutics, seriously how did I live without it? It is one of those products where right after you use it, you pick up your phone and tell your sister she has to go buy one. It's like getting a pedicure at home. It is way better than a puma stone!

Thinking- I need to tackle some things on my to do list and I just read a post about how you can write off the Vegas TPT Conference on taxes since it is a business trip, for real? Awesome! I did not go last year, but may need to attend this year. 

Wanting- Breakfast for dinner- yum. I am waiting on my hubs to get home so I can cook it and enjoy. 

Needing- to work out- My school is doing "biggest loser" and I need to work out and loose some weight. I think weather/temperature directly relate to whether or not I work out. If it is warm I have absolutely no problem going outside and jogging with my dogs. If it is cold I just want to sit under a blanket. I don't even want to get on the elliptical in the house! Of course, the above breakfast for dinner probably won't help or the girl scout cookies I bought earlier....sorry Team 1!

Spring Break Plans- We've booked a beach trip to Florida and I can't wait! That's one of the good things about being married to a teacher, you have the same weeks off and can take trips. Warm weather here we come!

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  1. My husband and I are both teachers and YES it does make vacations so much easier. Although sometimes I wish one of us had a higher paying job! Have fun at the beach, I'm jealous!

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