24 February 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday- Kahoot!

Tech Tip Tuesday- Kahoot!
Hosted by Techie Turtle Teacher


If you have not used Kahoot, then get ready to start and love it all at once!

First go to getkahoot.com

Then you create a Kahoot with content you would like to review. One great thing is that many Kahoots are already uploaded and you can search them at the top once you have signed in under "public".

Students will need to have an iPad, tablet, or computer to interact with the quiz. They will need to go to Kahoot.it to sign in with a PIN number the quiz generates once you start playing it. You also need a projector to show the questions to the entire class. This is something everyone must play at once. 

Below is an example of what the questions will look like to your students. Of course it will be the questions you set up or the Kahoots you choose that are relevant to what you are teaching/assessing. 

After students answer the question, everyone will be able to see how many people/groups chose the correct answer. It will not say who answered correct/incorrect. 

 After each question, you will also be able to see who is in the "lead" on the scoreboard.
Image result for kahoot leader

I use Kahoot in kindergarten with beginning sounds and CVC Words.
I do not have an iPad for each child, so they play in groups.
Here are some Kahoots I have already created for CVC Words:

I conducted a faculty meeting to share Kahoot with my colleagues and you have never seen such an engaged group of teachers at a faculty meeting! I made a Kahoot all about our principal including favorite food, color, most embarrassing moment, work in college, etc. It was so much fun and the winner received a jeans pass for work. I had no idea teachers were so competitive!!

If you would still like more information check out this USER GUIDE

Please share any Kahoots you have made as well or any additional thoughts on the subject.


  1. I keep hearing about Kahoot and I just need time to look into it! Thanks for linking up!

    Techie Turtle Teacher

  2. You would love it and so would your kids!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Tech Tip!!! I've never even heard of this website! We don't have tablets for the classroom but we do have access to a mobile lab 2x/year. I'm going to have an account set-up for when it's my turn!!!

    1. I was able to acquire my tablets using the website donorschoose.org It's a great website where you can write "projects" requesting specific items and donors can fund your project. You should check it out!