18 January 2015

Snow Globes Bulletin Board!

I read the story The Snow Globe Family and brought in some examples of snow globes for students to see and shake. I was surprised that many students did not know what a snow globe was.
Students then wrote about what they would do if they were in a snow globe. I had students act this out and photographed them to use the picture inside the snow globe for our bulletin board. I purchased clear plastic plates at the dollar store and my para hot glued two together with the photos on the inside to make it look like a 3-D snow globe. Students had lots of fun with this activity and let's admit it...I did too! 

The background of my bulletin board is fabric that I purchased at JoAnn's last year after Christmas. It was considered Christmas fabric, but I knew I could use it for January so I grabbed it up. I really enjoy using fabrics on my bulletin board to brighten up the hallway and in my classroom.

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