18 January 2015

Guided Reading Tools!

After reading a story in small group guided reading, I like to have students read the story one more time independently or chorally using a super exciting tool to track with or to just enjoy reading while wearing. Students love coming to my table and reading with me. One reason is that they truly enjoy using these tools while reading. Here are some examples:
Here you have:
The "Light It Up Lights"- I tell students that while using these they must light up the words they are using. On amazon you can get 40 of these  for a very cheap price. So you could get them and share with your colleagues! HERE
The "Rock Star Reading Glasses" You must read like a Rock Star while wearing.
I bought these on amazon and popped the lenses out. I put the rest in my treasure box for students. HERE
The "Whisper Phones" Read and whisper into the phone. Great for students to hear themselves.
I bought the red ones at Lakeshore Learning- HERE
But you can also get them from Amazon- HERE
The "Goggly For Reading Eyes" Students wear these on their hands and point to each word while reading (tracking) HERE
The "Witches' Fingers" They love to track with these fingers! 

What do you like to use during guided reading?

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