04 January 2015

Drive and Read CVC Words!

Newest product! I am planning to print these and laminate them tomorrow during my teacher workday and add them to my literacy centers for the week. My students will be so happy and excited for this new way to read CVC words and of course they will appreciate using the toy car while learning.

These can be used at the end of guided reading lessons in small group, as a supplemental aid for one one one to meet student needs and as a reading center activity for students to complete independently.

Students will physically move a plastic play car across the road while sounding out the word slowly and then physically move the car across the road fast and say the word fast. This activity specifically targets blending of sounds to read words.

Example: /c/ /a/ /t/ (said slowly) and then quickly blending the sounds together to read the word as cat. 

Click HERE to see the product in the store.

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