25 January 2015

Sweet CVC Words with QR Codes!

I am so excited about my new product. I just can't wait to get these printed Monday and put them in a literacy center for my students to use! This set includes 58 cards for students to write the CVC word on a sheet of paper or a dry erase board and then scan the QR Code to check their answer. This is a great self-checking independent center. See it HERE in my store.

24 January 2015

100th Day of School FUN!

For the 100th Day of School we involved the entire school and invited all faculty and students to dress like they were 100 years old. It was such fun!

For students I also had them make 100 Days of School Hats and Fruit Loop Necklaces where the Fruit Loops were separated by 10's. We had fun with Aging Booth App (free) as well seeing how we would age in 100 years! 

I used it with an older picture of myself consider I had a gray wig on today. 

100 Years Later......

18 January 2015

Guided Reading Tools!

After reading a story in small group guided reading, I like to have students read the story one more time independently or chorally using a super exciting tool to track with or to just enjoy reading while wearing. Students love coming to my table and reading with me. One reason is that they truly enjoy using these tools while reading. Here are some examples:
Here you have:
The "Light It Up Lights"- I tell students that while using these they must light up the words they are using. On amazon you can get 40 of these  for a very cheap price. So you could get them and share with your colleagues! HERE
The "Rock Star Reading Glasses" You must read like a Rock Star while wearing.
I bought these on amazon and popped the lenses out. I put the rest in my treasure box for students. HERE
The "Whisper Phones" Read and whisper into the phone. Great for students to hear themselves.
I bought the red ones at Lakeshore Learning- HERE
But you can also get them from Amazon- HERE
The "Goggly For Reading Eyes" Students wear these on their hands and point to each word while reading (tracking) HERE
The "Witches' Fingers" They love to track with these fingers! 

What do you like to use during guided reading?

Snow Globes Bulletin Board!

I read the story The Snow Globe Family and brought in some examples of snow globes for students to see and shake. I was surprised that many students did not know what a snow globe was.
Students then wrote about what they would do if they were in a snow globe. I had students act this out and photographed them to use the picture inside the snow globe for our bulletin board. I purchased clear plastic plates at the dollar store and my para hot glued two together with the photos on the inside to make it look like a 3-D snow globe. Students had lots of fun with this activity and let's admit it...I did too! 

The background of my bulletin board is fabric that I purchased at JoAnn's last year after Christmas. It was considered Christmas fabric, but I knew I could use it for January so I grabbed it up. I really enjoy using fabrics on my bulletin board to brighten up the hallway and in my classroom.

10 January 2015

Drive and Read CVC and Sight Word Sentences!

These are so fun! My students were basically drooling when I showed them how they could use the monster trucks I bought at the dollar store to roll across the road while reading these sentences.

Go to my Facebook Page for a GIVEAWAY of this product.

HERE it is in my TPT Store.

04 January 2015

Drive and Read CVC Words!

Newest product! I am planning to print these and laminate them tomorrow during my teacher workday and add them to my literacy centers for the week. My students will be so happy and excited for this new way to read CVC words and of course they will appreciate using the toy car while learning.

These can be used at the end of guided reading lessons in small group, as a supplemental aid for one one one to meet student needs and as a reading center activity for students to complete independently.

Students will physically move a plastic play car across the road while sounding out the word slowly and then physically move the car across the road fast and say the word fast. This activity specifically targets blending of sounds to read words.

Example: /c/ /a/ /t/ (said slowly) and then quickly blending the sounds together to read the word as cat. 

Click HERE to see the product in the store.

December's Gingerbread House

I just realized I did not share my class door for December. My students absolutely adored the story of The Gingerbread Man. We of course also read the Gingerbread Baby and the Gingerbread Girl. They laughed and giggled throughout each story. I then decided to create our classroom door into a Gingerbread House.

Tomorrow we have a teacher work day and my para is going to work on making our classroom door into an igloo. So fun!


I am feeling very accomplished! I have just completed and BUNDLED my A-Z Clip Art Set. There are over 210 color images included in this set. It is great for TPT Sellers to create their own games/sheets/activities for letter sound review. Click HERE to view in my TPT Store.