08 December 2014

What Does Santa Say? CVC Version

My Students played this game today and absolutely loved it! It is a great way to review CVC words as a literacy center. What Does Santa Say? CVC Version Includes 160 CVC Words Feel free to play with these cards as you wish, but I have included directions for a Naughty/Nice Spinner Game. Place these cards in a stack face down on the table. Have students draw a card and read the card. After they read the card they spin the naught/nice spinner. If they land on nice they get to keep the CVC card they read. If they land on naught they have to put the card in the discard pile or on the bottom of the stack. Once all the cards have been played or when time is up students can count cards to see who has the most. I always emphasis that students say “Good game, let’s play again!” no matter who wins or has the most. Click HERE for link.

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