15 November 2014

What's New This Week!

I have so much to share from this week in my classroom! First, We created our very first successful QR CODE Bulletin Board. When you scan the QR Codes it connects to a video of each child sharing about what they are thankful for. To make this happen we had to first make videos of each child saying what they were thankful for, then I uploaded the videos onto youtube, I then used QRStuff.com (super user friendly site) to make QR Codes that connect to the youtube videos. So fun!
Also, our classroom door is absolutely ready for Thanksgiving with a Native American ready to say hello to all that enter!
Veterans Day was this week! What did you do with your students? We made our own soldiers using bingo dotters to camo their outfits and then wrote a letter to soldiers thanking them for keeping us safe and loving our country!
Turkey Craft? Do I teach Kindergarten? of course we had to make a turkey craft! This one is so simple, students color a coffee filter using markers and then you spray the coffee filter with a water bottle and let it dry. We also used beans for the eyes and a part or a red pipe cleaner for the waddle.
I also have to share about our Chicken Writing we completed last week after our field trip to the farm. We are currently working on informational writing. I love that they labeled the tail feathers! Kinders are so funny!
I hope you enjoyed viewing our accomplishments for the week! What did you do this week?

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