24 November 2014

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (November 24th - 28th)

For this week's Markdown Monday Hosted by Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Blog I am marking my Addition Gum Balls with QR CODES down 50% off. This set is usually $6.00 and for this week you can get it for $3.00! Grab it while you can and embrace using technology with your students. Believe me, they absolutely love using these QR Codes to check their answers.

Addition Gum Balls with QR CODES for numbers 1-20. 
This set includes 230 Cards!

Have students solve the addition problem and then check their answer using a QR CODE Reader- I usually use a free app

I would print these cards and have them laminated to use year after year. 

This will keep students actively engaged and excited to learn about addition. 

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