26 November 2014

Keurig Love!

So, I know I am late to the show, but I finally bought a Keurig and honestly I don't know what took me so long! It is absolutely fabulous. It is extremely fast and brews a cup perfectly. I no longer have to wait for a pot of coffee to brew, which I didn't realize took so long until now that I have the Keurig and it takes about 60 seconds from wanting coffee to getting in my hands.

 I did not purchase the one that makes a whole carafe, but I am sure that one is amazing as well.

So far, my favorite brews are Starbucks Pikes Place Roast and Starbucks Holiday.

My husband does not drink coffee, but is enjoying making apple cider, hot chocolate and sweet tea.

If you go to Starbucks, I highly recommend that you use the app to pay. You can earn rewards and free drinks with the app and get a free drink on your birthday.

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