28 December 2014


I am so excited to announce that I have finished and BUNDLED together my CVC Clip Art! Buy the bundle to save lots!

This is the perfect set to create many CVC word games for your kiddos and products to sell on TPT! You cannot beat my deal of getting the entire set for $10! Click HERE

15 December 2014

12 Days of Freebies!

Check my TPT page regularly for 12 Days of Freebies!
So far, I have 3 days posted.
Day 1 is a Writing Template HERE

Day 2 is Gift Tags HERE

Day 3 is some various graphic organizers HERE

Keep checking my TPT Store each day to grab all the 12 days of FREEBIES!
TPT Store Link- HERE

08 December 2014

What Does Santa Say? CVC Version

My Students played this game today and absolutely loved it! It is a great way to review CVC words as a literacy center. What Does Santa Say? CVC Version Includes 160 CVC Words Feel free to play with these cards as you wish, but I have included directions for a Naughty/Nice Spinner Game. Place these cards in a stack face down on the table. Have students draw a card and read the card. After they read the card they spin the naught/nice spinner. If they land on nice they get to keep the CVC card they read. If they land on naught they have to put the card in the discard pile or on the bottom of the stack. Once all the cards have been played or when time is up students can count cards to see who has the most. I always emphasis that students say “Good game, let’s play again!” no matter who wins or has the most. Click HERE for link.

29 November 2014

FREEBIE Selfless "ELF" Challenge

I made this FREEBIE inspired by Creative Clips Selfless Challenge! Grab this freebie from my TPT Store HERE

I made these to go with links like the ones from lakeshore learning:
or you could use colorful paperclips. 

Feel free to join in on the FUN of this Selfless Challenge!

Supporting DonorsChoose FLASH GIVEAWAY on Georgia Peaches Giving Community

I don't know if you have heard of DonorsChoose, but it is absolutely a wonderful way to gain materials and resources for your classroom. You want an iPad? Write a donorschoose project. You want glue sticks? Write a donorschoose project! Etc.

Here is a list I made for a faculty meeting last year. Since then I have had many more projects funded including 4 Chromebooks. 

25 Canvas Tote Bags
12 Various Recycling books
Paper Making Kit
25 Child’s size T-Shirts
2 sets of alphabet and picture stencils
Fabric Paint and Fabric Paint Markers
10 Rolls of Laminating
6 Frisbees for kindergarten
Activity Mats for jumping jacks, squats, etc
100 Sheet Protectors
8 Headphones
Wireless Electronic Eggspert
3 Leapfrog Tag Reader books
6 Picture Dictionaries
NonFiction Leveled Readers from Lakeshore Learning (valued at $100)
20 Birdhouse Kits
Set of Acrylic Paints
Kickball Bases with Numbers
2 Kickballs
6 Jump Ropes
1 Year Subscription to Brainpopjr.com
1 Year Subscription to Speakaboos.com
Classpack of Crayola Markers
12 Character Education books
Black and Color INK
2 Mouse Pads
4 Magnetic Dry Erase Erasers
20 Primary Calculators
3,000 Address Labels

Georgia Peaches is a facebook community that works to support and promote donorschoose projects that are on their Giving Page. This may sound complicated, but it really isn't. 

Just start by making an account on DonorsChoose and the site will walk you through how to create a project. 

I am working with the Georgia Peaches Facebook Page to support the projects on their page. 

Check the facebook page for "Featured Projects" for a limited time that you can donate $1 and then receive one of these projects of your choice emailed to you. 

We would love for you to join the community and become involved with DonorsChoose.

28 November 2014

Black Friday and MY Birthday HUGE 50% off Sale!

That's right, it's my birthday and Black Friday! What better way to celebrate than with a BIG Sale? I will have more markdowns throughout the day. Grab these deals while you can!

Rekenrek Task Card Bundlehttp://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Rekenrek-Task-Card-BUNDLE-Over-400-Cards-1137333

Sight Word Game Bundle

Sweet Sentence Writing Bundle with QR Codes

I Can Speed Read BUNDLE

Chevron Rainbow Classroom Theme Bundle

Ocean Clip Art BUNDLE

School Clip Art BUNDLE

I Can Count On Defense Activity

Writing Posters

Tell me below about what you purchased and if there is another product you would like discounted. Who knows it could be the next one I discount..... 

26 November 2014

Keurig Love!

So, I know I am late to the show, but I finally bought a Keurig and honestly I don't know what took me so long! It is absolutely fabulous. It is extremely fast and brews a cup perfectly. I no longer have to wait for a pot of coffee to brew, which I didn't realize took so long until now that I have the Keurig and it takes about 60 seconds from wanting coffee to getting in my hands.

 I did not purchase the one that makes a whole carafe, but I am sure that one is amazing as well.

So far, my favorite brews are Starbucks Pikes Place Roast and Starbucks Holiday.

My husband does not drink coffee, but is enjoying making apple cider, hot chocolate and sweet tea.

If you go to Starbucks, I highly recommend that you use the app to pay. You can earn rewards and free drinks with the app and get a free drink on your birthday.

25 November 2014

FREEBIE Ball Ornaments Clip Art

I just posted a FREEBIE in my TPT Store of Ball Ornaments! Click HERE to grab them up! Please feel free to comment below on how you plan to use these and don't forget to leave feedback on TeachersPayTeachers.

24 November 2014

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (November 24th - 28th)

For this week's Markdown Monday Hosted by Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Blog I am marking my Addition Gum Balls with QR CODES down 50% off. This set is usually $6.00 and for this week you can get it for $3.00! Grab it while you can and embrace using technology with your students. Believe me, they absolutely love using these QR Codes to check their answers.

Addition Gum Balls with QR CODES for numbers 1-20. 
This set includes 230 Cards!

Have students solve the addition problem and then check their answer using a QR CODE Reader- I usually use a free app

I would print these cards and have them laminated to use year after year. 

This will keep students actively engaged and excited to learn about addition. 

23 November 2014

Black Friday LINKY + Giveaway!

Visit The Primary Pack for an absolutely HUGE Giveaway and to link up!

Items on my Wish List: 1. From a Year of Many Firsts- Link Here
there's even a video that goes with this product! How Cool! This product makes me want to start thinking outside the box for my own TPT Store! It is amazing Globe Trot Scott travels around the world to celebrate different holiday traditions. As he visits each location, he will send your students a special package. Inside the package, they will find a letter about his journey and a souvenir. The souvenir may be a fun craft that they will complete or a tasty treat to enjoy.

 2. A HUGE Item on my wish list is Kimberly Geswein Fonts Link Here
This would be a big purchase, but I just keep eyeing it on my wish list. It would be a wonderful Christmas gift.

Currently I use Fonts From the Pond, which I absolutely adore and if you do not have those I highly recommend the purchase! link here
3. Measure On! by Michelle Hudgeons Link Here

We are about the start measurement in my kindergarten class and this unit looks wonderful!

4. Chit Chat Messages, Close Reading Passages and More by Deanna Jump Link Here
My county is starting to implement and Close Reading and this set looks wonderfully engaging for my kinders! 

5. I am really into Tribal Patterns and have had my eye on these Tribal digital papers for awhile. They are so bright and fun! This set is by Elvira Funes Link Here

Now, let's talk about the most WISHLISTED items in my TPT Store!

1. HUGE Rekenrek Task Card Bundle- Link Here

Add this one to your wish list now! I use this item absolutely everyday during Number Talks with my kinders and rekenreks. If you do not have rekenreks they are super easy to make with card stock, pony beads, and pipe cleaners. I even allow students to make one to take home and have number talks at home with their mom, dad, brother, sister, dog or even the refrigerator (they love it when I say that). After using these cards whole group, I then add them to a math station with the rekenreks and tell students to take turns being the "teacher". This set includes over 400 cards. 

2. Counting Forward Task Cards- Link Here

This set includes 80 cards.
Each card has students count forward from a specific number and stop at a specific number.

I would use these in whole group, math calendar, small group and at math station have one student read the card for others to complete the task. 

For example: start counting at 12 and stop at 27. 
These cards are made to print out as black and white. I would suggest printing them on to colored copy paper and then having them laminated to use year after year. 

These cards directly relate with the common core standard MCC.K.CC.2. Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence 
(instead of having to begin at 1).

3. Roll and Trace Sight Words- Link Here

ROLL and TRACE Sight Words
These start off easy and get harder.
This set includes 5 different pages of Sight Words with 24 Words on each page. 

This is a great activity for literature centers. It can be an independent activity where students roll a dice and then trace the sight words under the number they rolled. You can stop there or have them continue to roll and trace until the page is full. 

I would copy on colored copy paper or card stock and have laminated and then have students use a dry erase marker. 

We often have Curriculum Nights where we share games with parents to take home. This would be a great one to use. 

4. Sweet Mixed Up Sight Words Link Here
This set includes 180 SIGHT WORD CARDS!

Great set to use during reading centers for students to try and solve the mixed up sight word and then check to see if they were able to solve using the QR CODE. 

I would have students write down the word they solved and read on a sheet of paper.
To differentiate you could have some groups read the words and then write a sentence using that word. 
ALSO, if students are having trouble solving you could underline the letter that the word begins with on each card. 

I would print these and laminate them to use year after year. 

The candies and colors along with integrating technology make this a very engaging center for students to accomplish independently. 

5. Addition Gum Balls with QR Codes Link Here

Addition Gum Balls with QR CODES for numbers 1-20. 
This set includes 230 Cards!

Have students solve the addition problem and then check their answer using a QR CODE Reader- I usually use a free app

I would print these cards and have them laminated to use year after year. 

This will keep students actively engaged and excited to learn about addition. 

Did I mention a giveaway?

Visit The Primary Pack for an absolutely HUGE Giveaway and to link up!

22 November 2014

Blabberize Pilgrims!

Have you heard of or tried the website blabberize.com? It is such a cool tool to use for students to publish writing or share research information. My students drew a picture of a pilgrim and then "blabberized" the pilgrim. They turned out great and my students were so proud. Here are a couple of their finished projects.

There are so many ways you could use this site for your classroom! When I taught 3rd I had students draw pictures of animals and then share facts and about which habitat/region they lived in. I am always interested in finding fun ways to integrate technology and allow my students to share what they have learned. I was able to upload these blabberized projects to my class website for parents to view as well. How could you use blabberize with your class?

Tech Talk Blog Hop

(Update 11/29: I am linking up with Great Minds Teach Alike for her Tech Tools Linky Party!)

17 November 2014

Markdown Monday Linky Party November 17th-21st

How fun! A Markdown Monday Linky Party! This Linky party was started by Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Blog go there to check even more awesome deals!

This week my best selling item, my HUGE Rekenrek Task Card Bundle Click Here is marked down 30%. It is usually $15 and is marked down to $10. This is also my most wish listed item and it would be a great time to take advantage of this offer.

I love and use these rekenreks task cards each day during Number Talks with the rekenreks that we made using pipe cleaners, pony beads and card stock.
The rekenrek bundle includes 5 different sets:
Set-1 Show me- Ex: Show me 8, how did you show 8?
Set 2 How many?- If you have 8 on the top, how many will you need on the bottom to make 12?
Set 3- How many in all? If you have 3 on the top and 4 on the bottom, how many do you have in all?
Set 4- Take away- If you have 4 and you take away 2 how many do you have now?
Set 5- Making Ten- 1 and how many make 10; 12 is how many more than 10?; 10 on the top and how many on the bottom make 11?

If you need more information about Number Talks, a wonderful resource is Number Talks By Sherry Parrish