06 August 2017

First Week in the Media Center

Over here in Georgia our Summer is over and we are back in school. We just finished up our first week and it was a success in the Media Center.

We discussed tips and suggestions for taking care of your library books. We then watched Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy and I was super excited to find the book being read aloud by the author. I always think it's special when you can find the author reading their own book. You can find the video link HERE.

After listening to this story students made a comic strip of what a dragon would do if they had their library book. Students were extremely creative. Here are some fun examples:

You can find this freebie in my TPT Store.
 library dragon

One humorous thing that happened was a student spelled my name wrong in their picture.

I also had to run to Kohl's this weekend to pick up some of my favorite Mo Willems characters for the library!

Overall, it was a great week and I'm looking forward to week 2!

17 July 2017

Using Technology to Publish Student Writing

Blabberize allows you to add voice to a hand-drawn picture that you upload to the site.
I have used this website for students to publish writing. I often integrate science or social studies into my writing block. 
For example, for third grade you can have students write about a region of Georgia to go along with your science standards. Then have students draw a picture of an animal from that region. After that you would take a picture of the drawing and upload it into blabberize. Lastly, you will record the each student reading their writing. When you play it back it will look as if the drawn animal is talking and reading the writing. 

Some ideas for each grade level (based on 2017 Georgia Standards of Excellence):
1. Have students illustrate a picture of themselves and write about themselves or their family at the beginning of the year. Record their dictation of their writing.
2. Have students draw a picture of the Statue of Liberty or Bald Eagle and tell about American Symbols after writing about the topic.
3. Have students draw themselves and then tell about rules and why they are created.
4. Draw police officer, fire fighter, etc. and write about the work they do. Record each student reading their writing.

1. Students can draw a picture of Johnny Appleseed (or other person you've recently learned about)
Have students write what they have learned about Johnny Appleseed.
Record students reading their writing about Johnny Appleseed.
*same activity with Ruby Bridges, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Sacagawea, etc.

1. Students can draw a picture of Jackie Robinson (or other person you've recently learned about)
Have students write what they have learned about Jackie Robinson.
Record students reading their writing about Jackie Robinson.
*same activity with Mary Musgrove, MLK, Juliette Gordon Low, Jimmy Carter, etc.

1. Students can draw a picture of John Cabot (or other person you've recently learned about)
Have students write what they have learned about John Cabot
Record students reading their writing about John Cabot.
*same activity with Henry Hudson, Christopher Columbus, etc.

1. Students can draw a picture of Paul Revere (or other person you've recently learned about)
Have students write what they have learned about Paul Revere.
Record students reading their writing about Paul Revere.
*same activity with John Adams, Patrick Henry, Benedict Arnold, etc.

1. Student scan draw a picture of Thomas Edison (or other person you've recently learned about)
Have students write what they have learned about Thomas Edison.
Record students reading their writing about Thomas Edison.
*same activity with George Washington Carver, Alexander Graham Bell, Langston Hughes, Babe Ruth, etc.


Example 1

This website allows you to set up a classroom account for free. Students can then create their own books and use professional illustrations in their book. 
I use this website for students to create ideas based on the illustrations provided. Students can get as creative as their imaginations allow.

You can share their finished book by embedding the book on your webpage, sharing it in an email or even through class dojo and google classroom.


Your students will absolutely love Voki. You can publish any piece of writing that your students have completed by creating an avatar on voki and having the avatar read the writing. I often have students type their writing into a google doc and then copy and paste that into the text portion of voki for the avatar to read. My students especially enjoy the strange accents that the characters have.

Example 1

Example 2

Voki Tutorial

09 July 2017

Watercolor Clip Art

I've had some fun this summer creating Watercolor Clip Art!

Cactus is really in right now and I think they are so cute! I'm planning to use them as the theme on my media center bulletin board. "Get Stuck Reading a Good Book!" I've seen some other great suggestions for classroom bulletin boards or doors for open house. "My Classroom is Sharp" or "Check Out This Sharp Work" "Stay Sharp This School Year" "We Stick Together" 

Find Cactus Water Clip Art HERE

Find Pineapple Water Clip Art HERE

Find Coffee Cup Water Clip Art HERE

Find Cat Water Clip Art HERE

FREE Cactus Table Labels HERE

Any suggestions for my next watercolor clip art set?

12 June 2017

My 5...Correction 6 Favorite Things- Totally Unrelated to School

This post is all about me.
Sometimes you just want to share about great products that you use and love. Here are some products or websites that I've started to use this year and have shared with friends, family and now YOU!

1. Plexus- Yes, I started taking Plexus 3 months ago. Plexus gives me lots of energy, a great mood, the ability to not get hangry in between meals and has cut of cravings for me. Before Plexus I would drink between 3-4 sodas each day. While on Plexus I've been able to cut the sodas completely out of my day. The best part of Plexus has happened this month. They have 3 new products and the one that I have experienced so far is the new Slim. It takes so good and gives so much energy! I am absolutely floored by the difference that the New Slim is making in my life.
If you'd like to try Plexus but are unsure where to start, know that I started with the Triplex

If you'd like more info about the products or are interested in ordering check out the website below and feel free to message me with questions.
Plexus Info/Shopping

2. Ok, other life-changing revelation has been this amazing bra from True and Co. The True Body V-Neck Bra. It is so comfy! No underwire and looks great with t-shirts. I appreciate that it has FREE returns and even comes with a package for you to use if mailing it back. After trying this bra on, I kid you not, I immediately called my sister to tell her. Now, that's love.  Find it HERE

3. This year, I decided I needed to splurge on my skin and find the best moisturizer for myself. I found that I really enjoy Image Skincare. Specifically, the Ageless Cleanser and Vital C Anti Aging Serum. My skin loves this stuff! I order mine on amazon, but I think you are "supposed" to buy them from a salon retailer.

4. I've had a few people recently compliment me on my make up and ask which brands I use. Well, I use a mishmash (This is a word. I googled it, just to make sure) of things. I'm always interested to see what everyone is using, so I thought I'd share the whole shebang (yes, I googled to make sure). 

Foundation- IT Cosmetics CC Cream
Concealer- Make Up Forever Full Cover
Blush/Highlighter- Smashbox Spotlight Palette
Primer for eyeshadow- Mac Prep and Prime
Eye Shadow- I like Urban Decay
Lipstick- Burt's Bees (this color is Blush Basin)
Mascara- Urban Decay Perversion

5. Erin Condren Life Planner - Erin Condren's Life Planner allows me to get excited about organization with the easy lay out and fun colors. 

You can get a $10 coupon code emailed to you by creating an account with my referral link:

6. I was going to end this post with 5 things, but I just can't leave out eyebuydirect.com They have the best glasses for the outright best prices. I am questioned out in public by strangers and by my colleagues constantly about where I purchase my glasses. 
The post at the top shows me wearing their "Chilling" frames, they start at $15! Below I'm wearing their "Palette" frames (sadly, out of stock, but they started at $9!) with my teacher bestie on the last day of school. I also ordered sunglasses, but I don't have a picture yet. 

Use the link below to get $10 off your first purchase.

or use this Code to get $10 off

I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of my favorites. I admit that some of these have referral links that I earn $10 if you use, but honestly I'd share about these products and websites with anyone regardless. 

15 May 2017

Teacher Appreciation 2017

I work at the best school ever and we are spoiled during Teacher Appreciation Week. Here's a recap:

The Friday before was Pay Day and my principals always perform a "Pay Day Song"

We each received a golden ticket to have lunch provided each day during Teacher Appreciation Week.

We were greeted by Willy Wonka (my princiapl) and an oompa loompa (assistant principal) as we entered the school the following week. 

Here was our crazy Willy Wonka Schedule for the week:

The Super Secret Staff Adventure reveal was terrific. Our principal rented the entire skating rink for us to skate and play laser tag!

During "Violent" Violet we popped balloons with scissors and found prizes on the inside. I won jeans for the rest of the school year! 

As the Media Specialist, you really don't get the Teacher Appreciation gifts from students compared to a classroom teacher, but I truly enjoyed some sweet letters and a homemade gift. 

Overall, I feel extremely appreciated!

01 January 2017

DonorsChoose Introduction and Tips for Success

I have had 53 DonorsChoose projects fund and would love to share the steps to creating an account, creating a project and some tips for success along the way!